Netropolis III: Guide


This guide is a work in progress.  I will be updating periodically.  If you have information that you think should be in this guide please email me at

HQ Levels

Level 1: You start at this level
Level 2: 50 actions
Level 3: 150 actions required and $50,000 cash
Level 4: 500 actions required and $1,000,000 cash
Level 5: 1000 actions required and $10,000,000 cash


Level 1:

Market Stall ($1,000) - This building is not worth building really, brings down the value of all buildings around.  Best built near enemies.
Shop ($4,000) - A profitable store best built near streets.
Campsite ($3,000) - Great initial building that should not be built near streets.  The advantage of this building is that street buildings are valuable so are often contended for, so you are less like to be taken over or bombed.  Profit advantage when built next to trees and rivers.
Hotdog Stand (1,500) - Never underestimate the Hotdog Stand it is one the most profitable initial buildings.  It's only problems is that it is easily taken over for small amounts of money.
Carpark ($6,000) - Boosts profits of surrounding buildings.
Pigfarm ($20,000) - Level 2 Burger buildings should be built around this building.  Very profitable with at least 2 burger buildings nearby.

Level 2:

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Hero Limits

Hero Limits or Heroing is a mechanism in Netropolis that forces you to leave a town, city or capital at a certain point.  This primarily to prevent anyone from gaining too much power in place.  The following are the limits for each


  • Start up capital you may take into this location:
     between £5,000 & £50,000

  • Transfers:
     Max. transfers from this company per day: 3
     Max. per transfer in: £50,000
     Max. total per day in: £150,000

  • Hero Limits:
     Land Required: 8% for 100 minutes
     On-shore Cash Required: £ 5,000,000
     On-shore Total Worth Required: £ 7,000,000


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