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Interview with Damon Grainger

Strategy Nerd had a great opportunity to interview Damon Grainger about Netropolis III.

    Will we see some new dirty tricks or some new uses of the High Tech Building?

There's no new tricks coming out immediately, however we have a model that allows adding of tricks relatively easily, and intend to add more including the much awaited 'smear campaign' that will attack HQ's and a new 'superweapon' in addition to Nukes.

    Can we expect to see some new buildings in the game?

We have toyed with the idea of adding some new buildings and some prototypes have been shown on the facebook group, however there's nothing immediately new, again the same as tricks the model is now scalable to add more.

    Will there be mobile versions of the game either on release or planned in the future?

There has been some testing on mobile platforms and the full game runs and is playable on Android smartphones. There has not been full testing on mobile platforms as we intend to release a full mobile platform.

    Will there be any form of micro payments for special abilites etc?  If so what kind effects will there be?

The game will be free to play for all as it has always been and will remain so. There will be a subscription based 'premium' service coming in the near future, which will offer more functionality for the more serious player, however everything that used to be free to Netro players will still be free plus a bit more besides.

    What new features are you most excited about?

The user interface is probably what's going to be the most noticable it uses popups for plot actions and a real-time draggable map. We have also restored the Casino to full working order, you can now bet onshore cash on roulette and get returns (or losses), we will also be introducing more casino games over time. There have been changes on the backend that are less obvious such as the 'world' model which I've described below

    Any other things you wish to add?

The biggest change to the 'concept' of Netro is the addition of multiple worlds, the launch will start with World 1, each world is a unique and complete game of Netropolis in itself with all the maps of Netro 2 (Plus a new super-heights with no land hero limit).

People will be able to create companies on one world but these will not be usable on another, however they can play on as many worlds as they wish. The basis for this is we can grow the game without adding/removing maps which always affected the balance of play before. It also allows us options with different rules on different worlds and some variability.

We've also removed the company limit, multi-accounting will still be prohibited but the number of companies a player can have is unlimited, the only restriction is that only one company can be created per hour to prevent suicide bombing.


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