Tropico 4 to release on September 1st

We've always been a fan of the Tropico series.  The newest release, set to come out September 1st, has brought about some controversy with fans of the series. Some say the new release feels more like an expansion than a full new game.  The graphics engine is exactly the same and most of the game will feel exactly like Tropico 3.  However it's the economy and foreign policy which is what will really shine.  The new release will include a Stock Exchange and several other buildings to bring some variety to Tropico.   A total of 20 new missions and 10 new maps, 20 new buildings, many more disasters including volcanoes, droughts, tornadoes and tsunamis, select your own cabinet from your populace and objectives from the different factions. 

Probably the largest addition will be the trading system.  No longer will your populated island starve just because you have no more room to build farms.  Finally a fire station will be added to Tropico.  Apparently fire has never been a problem for Tropicans until now.  Oh did I mention Facebook and Twitter integration, just what all us strategy gamers always wanted.  We will have a full review of the game September 2nd.  Until then you can either download the demo from Steam, or enjoy this trailer.  We will reserve judgement for the full release.  For more information, visit the official website.

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