Age of Empires II HD Coming to Steam

I have hoped this day would come for years.  A digital download of Age of Empires II (1999) is coming to Steam and not only that it's going to support modern native resolutions and multiple monitors!  No longer will you have to resort to Amazon, adventuring or pirating just to find a copy of this glorious game.  I can't say how many times I have bought a copy of this game, but it's been more than twice.  Incidentally I somehow still have my copy of Age of Empires I with the massive manual that came with it.  However it just goes to show how timeless this game really is.

Finally Microsoft found the lost screw and got one there of many heads properly attached to the body of the mighty hydra beast that is Microsoft. This game needed a digital download because it's a big fat giant pinata filled with money.  Microsoft is going to finally cash in as the game will be available on Steam for $19.99, currently $17.99 before release.  That's a mighty big profit considering the game has already paid for itself and the development being put into it is not some kind of massive rewrite or expansion.

The game is getting a lot of great features that are going to make the age of AOE less obvious and with the Forbidden Empires mod which improves AI, the game will be a beast that will transcend it's own age.  If you already have the game and haven't tried out the Forbidden Empires mod, then you are missing out on the best improvement to the game, the only improvement it really needed, better AI.  This is a glorious day.

I shouldn't have to tell anyone reading this how good Age of Empires II is, if so you are on the wrong blog.  You can be sure when I finally finish my best strategy games of all times list, this will be in the top 3 if not number one.

Here are the features:

  • Native Resolution Support
  • Multiple Monitor Support (No word on how many monitors)
  • Texture Revision (No more running into the notorious 256 color bug)
  • Steam Multiplayer Support
  • Steam Workshop Support
  • Game will be complete with campaigns and all features from the Conquerors Expansion.

Forgotten Empires
Age of Empires II HD on Steam

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