War of the Roses

Paradox Interactive announced a new game a few months back called War of the Roses.  FatShark, the makers of Lead and Gold appear to be giving the makers of Mount & Blade a run for there money.  While Mount & Blade: Warbands was a wild success with some small problems here and there, Fire & Sword was an utter failure.  While boasting much potential, Fire & Sword is simply an unfinished game that should have never been published.  While War of the Roses most likely won't be the type of command and control Mount & Blade was, it certainly will be a much better looking first/third person medieval fighting game.

Just like Mount & Blade it appears the main focus will be multiplayer combat.  War of the Roses will be more of an RPG than a strategy game most likely, but the details are small.  All I know is that in the realm of first person shooters, all of the games made about World War II, the medieval landscape is finally going to get it's just due.  Modern Warfare is great and all, but medieval games are small in number.  It's about time knights get the first person shooter treatment.  I can see it now, Call of Duty: Not So Modern Warfare.  The trailer doesn't reveal much at all but is worth a look.

War of the Roses Site

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