Netropolis is back.


Netropolis is back!  On November 11, 2011, 2:00 PM EST Netropolis III will be alive and well at  If you aren't familiar with the famed browser based game, I'll go into some details.  Netropolis was an early browser based game which most likely helped spawn some of later browser based games to come after it.  It's essentially a business simulator where you begin in a city with a certain amount of buildings types and money.  You work your way up through that city creating buildings in prime locations and getting higher level HQ's for more buildings.  You build store fronts near streets, campsites near forests, etc. 

The most interesting part of the game by far is the player interaction.  You can deface your rivals properties with spray paint, spread fire throughout the city with firebombs or just plain blow your opponents to oblivion.  Making enemies is a sure fire way to get your own properties burnt to the ground, so often the strategy is to slowly pick up properties without creating too much of a ruckus.  Being the new guy in the neighborhood is often difficult, but once you secure a block of property, you simply defend your territory.  Often the game feels very political in nature, simply defending your property and not attacking the wrong person. 

See our full interview with Damon Grainger to see what to expect in the latest version of Netropolis.

Update 7:42 PM

Netropolis is currently down throughout the weekend because of some unforseen problems.  It should hopefully be back up by Monday.

Update Nov 21 2011

Netropolis will be live about 3:00 PM EST November 22nd!  Remember the game is still in beta testing, so hiccups are bound to occur.

Update Nov 22 2011

Netropolis is back down again, no word on the next uptime.

Update Nov 29 2011

Netropolis will be re-released with limited features Dec 1st at 2 PM EST.

Update Dec 1 2011

The release date has come and passed and still no Netropolis, when the site goes live I will send word out.

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